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Interior sprouts
Exterior sprays
Mesh systems



Interior sprouts

  • Decorative elements inserted inside the double-glazed package

  • Size 8, 18 or 26 mm 

  • Standard colors

Exterior sprays

  • Decorative elements glued to the inner and outer surface of the glass

  • Size 26 mm or 35 mm

  • Standard colors


Insect nets


Hinge type mesh

It is fastened with hinges on the window frame or balcony door. The mesh closes inside and can be easily dismantled during the winter.

Pleated mesh

The latest Japanese invention, very simple and easy to handle, because it works based on a spring system. The mesh is also durable and reliable, offering an original practical solution for large doors and windows. Its special construction guarantees a hermetic closure.




Applied rolls

They are used in existing buildings. The rolled slat mat is in an aluminum box on the wall, the box being at the same time a decorative part.

Plaster rolls

They are mainly used in new buildings, but can also be installed in existing buildings. The rolled-up carpet is in an aluminum box hidden in the masonry.




It represents architectural elements with a great aesthetic value, which gives dynamism and prestige to the facade of the house. Regardless of the model chosen, the aluminum shutters have maximum strength and stability thanks to the aluminum profiles, hardware and accessories of very good quality. They have the advantage of securing the thermal, acoustic and visual barrier through a single product by simply tilting the slats. It also provides protection against rain, wind and dust, giving the home an increase in security. They can be manufactured in any color from the RAL range and have a two-year warranty, the average lifespan is around 20-25 years.

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