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Quality you can count on

VIASAN PLAST CONSTRUCT is based on the export of PVC and aluminum carpentry. The company has worked with individuals, builders and resellers in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, England, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Ghana.

The company's goal is to establish partnership links with as many European countries as possible and beyond.

Being located in a strategic point, the company can offer quality products at a reasonable price! 

  • Partners and suppliers – Veka, Gealan, Ramaplast, WDS, Kurtoglu, Saint Goban, Winkhaus and Axor. 

  • Transport to the location – 35 E/m2.

  • 5-year product warranty.

  • Execution and delivery terms – 10-20 working days depending on the complexity of the order.

  • Purchase of VAT-free products by companies.

We take pride in all our collaborations and make sure that anyone who uses our services is completely satisfied!

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