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Frequent questions

Useful knowledge

What profiles do you work with?

We work with profiles

Foris - 6 rooms

Veka WHS 72 - 6 rooms

Veka 70 - 5 rooms

Veka 82 - 7 rooms

Kurtoglu - aluminum

In which countries do you ship?

The products are delivered in any country the customer needs. So far we have shipped to Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, England, Austria and Ghana.

How long do we receive the products?

Delivery and delivery time is at least 10 days for shipments to Europe and at least 40 days for shipments to Africa.
The term may vary depending on the complexity of the order.

How is the payment made?

A contract is signed between both parties and based on it an advance invoice is made in the amount of 50% of the order value. The remaining 50% is paid upon delivery of the products.

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