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VISAN PLAST CONSTRUCT implements a correct technical product. It closely follows the quality indicators for PVC and Aluminum profiles, the optimal processing method, the reinforcement systems, the closing systems of the manufacturers GEVISS and SIEGENIA, thus ensuring the manufacture of a product of the highest level. As the company focuses on customer satisfaction, VISAN PLAST CONSTRUCT operates with PREMIUM, COMFORT and ECONOM class profiles. Thus, having solutions for all budgets.

foris 501_1.jpg

FORIS - economy class

Profile of German origin
5-room profile
2 sheets of glass - 24 mm
Classic welding
Rounded design
60 mm deep
1.5 - 2 mm reinforcement

The windows in the Foris profile look elegant, and the rounded profile design makes the windows even more graceful and unique. Due to the perfect smoothing, dirt does not accumulate on them, and the surface remains the same throughout life. Foris windows are fully adapted to all climatic conditions. These windows are an economical alternative for insulating your home!

VEK 70 - comfort class

Profile of German origin

5-room profile

2-3 glass sheets, 32 - 44 mm

Classic welding

Straight design

70 mm deep

1.5 - 2 mm reinforcement

Veka 70 presents an innovative system of windows and doors with 5 insulation rooms that ensures a thermal coefficient of 1.3Wm2 / k, while having a minimalist design that allows superior lighting of your room. It has elegant optics through surfaces inclined to 20. Glazing in 3 rows of glass allows superior sound insulation.

VEKA 82 - premium class

Profile of German origin
7-room profile
3 sheets of glass, 44 mm
Classic sidura
Straight design
82 mm deep
1.5 - 2 mm reinforcement

Perfect system for an efficient future! The Veka Softline 82 passive house system is being developed as a basic platform for PVC windows and doors that will meet all requirements in the future. Through continuous development, the system is already ready to meet future energy saving demands and rules.


Swing Sliding System

Economical solution for sliding doors!

Although they are larger, taller and heavier, these systems can be beaten and slid sideways very easily. The sash is beaten, then sliding in parallel, thus saving space. To close, the sash will be brought back to the beating or closing position, respectively.

Swing Sliding System

The swing sliding system does not use the space inside for opening

From normal rails with horizontal heels Frame weights up to 200kg Running mechanism, easy to handle, quiet and durable.
Comfort due to the installation of the hardware system at a great distance from the frame.

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