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Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminum joinery


Special doors and panels

Sliding system

Curtain walls



Aluminum joinery is the best alternative for special constructions, offering a high degree of mechanical strength. The painting of this carpentry is done in electrostatic field and can be executed in a great variety of colors. Different series of profiles are used, from those without thermal barrier to those with a high degree of thermal insulation. The mechanical joining of aluminum is done by crimping and not by mechanical joining with a screw, which gives a much longer life. Aluminum joinery windows and doors are recommended for company headquarters, institutions, high-traffic shops or schools.

kURTOGLU 60 t.jpg

ALDOKS profile - economy class

1-2 glass sheets, 4 -24 mm
Classic welding
Straight design
45 mm deep
Perfect for interior construction
GU hardware

The system allows constructions of various architectural complexities. It is suitable for the manufacture of typical structures of windows and doors, shop windows, balconies, vestibules, space partitions, etc. Due to its features, the system fits perfectly with any modern design. Perfect for small and medium structures, as well as in cases where the product does not receive large operational loads. The Aldoks system is suitable for those cases where the issue of material cost is paramount.

KURTOGLU 60T - comfort class

Turkish profile
2-3 sheets of sieve. 24 - 32 mm
Classic welding
Rounded design
60 mm deep
GU hardware

The Turkish Kurtoglu 60T profile is the perfect choice for superior quality and reasonable price. It has practical and perfect corner joints. High service life and heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 2.67 W / m2K.

KURTOGLU 74T - premium class

Turkish profile
2 - 3 sheets of glass, 24 - 32 mm
Classic welding
Straight design
74 mm
Hardware G - U

Kurtoglu Premium class profiles have a low weight with a direct effect on the life of the locking mechanisms. The color remains unchanged over time due to electrostatic painting. It has reliability and easy maintenance


Sliding system with parallel opening

Sliding systems with parallel plane opening are very practical for rooms with heavy traffic or that require large entrance space, being characterized by ease of handling and wear resistance. The optimal combination between the sliding door and the swing window offers a comfortable use and the easiest operation. For ventilation, you can only fold the movable wing or open it completely. The elegant sash is coplanar on the outside and superimposed on the inside, thus ensuring optimal sealing.

Folding sliding system

Sliding-folding doors really save space. This way you can practically open whole glass walls. The items pack quickly and compactly. Depending on the field of use, two construction options are available: Folding doors with superior thermal insulation for the exterior. The frame of this thermally insulated door can be folded very easily inwards or outwards, and can be moved to the left and / or to the right. The movable panels slide virtually silently on the rails, guided down and up. This makes the perfect connection between exterior and interior.

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